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Reach your clients in Great Britain!

Our fulfillment center takes care of everything needed for e-commerce. Storing of products, proccesing of online orders, packaging, returned parcels, shipping to receiver. So you can outsource your order fulfillment to us and focus on the more important things.
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We have everything you need to take care of your goods logistics and successful development

Grow your business

LOGISMART will find solutions to decrease delivery time. We will send the received orders the same day, with the right couriers we will deliver the goods the next day!

Manage processes

LOGISMART integrates with your e-shop or accounting software. With LOGISMART you will always see the latest product balances, control balances, and follow the order fulfillment process.

Save time and money

You won’t have to worry about the warehouse and staff. Pay for usable space only.

Why should you store your products in UK?

The LOGISMART team has international experience in warehousing and parcel delivery. We ensure that your goods are received, sorted, stored, assembled and packaged. The LOGISMART team is ready to meet the needs of our clients and create added value to make the collaboration efficient and financially rewarding.


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500,00 £ / month


Can’t find the right plan? Contact us and we will offer a plan according to your needs.

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Our goal is customer success and growth

Because of our intelligent warehouse management system, we execute orders quickly and efficiently. Therefore, you can devote all your time to business development and growth. 

We will recommend our partners, who can improve efficiency of your business.  

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