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Storage of goods

With LOGISMART Warehouse Management System, you can remotely view the actual stock of your warehouse. LOGISMART keeps track of the expiry date, LOT and serial numbers of your goods, and reminds you of expiring items.

Leave your job as a warehouse worker and get back in the manager’s chair, we’ll take care of everything!

Information about warehouses

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Logismart warehouses

Transekspedicija - LOGISMART fulfilment centre

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Frankfurt - LOGISMART fulfilment center

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Milton Keynes - LOGISMART fulfilment center

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Additional information

We pack orders with materials you want and in the way you prefer. We also execute FBA and FBM on request, preparing the product according to Amazon standards.

When selling, you do not need to inform us further when and what order to collect. By integrating LOGISMART plugin into your e-shop, exchange of information becomes automatic. When a customer purchases an item online, our staff sees it in the system and process the order.